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Thread: what's better, factory touchscreen or aftermarket kit

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    what's better, factory touchscreen or aftermarket kit

    I'm trying to find a decent 12.1" touchscreen display and it seems choices are limited. I'm wondering what it's like to use one of the touchscreen kits on a non-touchscreen display? How does the touchscreen work? Does the film distort/dull the image of the display? Any advice is appreciated.


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    I have experience with both and would chose the builtin touchscreen any day over the pop-on part. But the pop-on touchscreen does work, and works well. If you have the money then by all means get a builtin touchscreen, if you are strapped for cash just and can get a non-touch LCD and a pop-on TS go for it. IMHO

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    it seems like the add-on touchscreen would be really cheap/cheesy. any comments?

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    I have hard that it is hard to apply them, as you have to have clean surfaces and no dust. anything that is on the screen before you put the layover on, is then there forever.
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