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Thread: lilliput or tview

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    lilliput or tview

    i was just wondering if i should spend the extra money on the lilliput or would the tview be fine. i have WRX with 30% tints so i'm basically asking is that should i spend the extra for the extra brightness the lilliput gives out or should i save some money and get the tview.

    thanks in advance

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    no one has any input?

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    Brighter always = better.

    Trust me, you'll want the extra brightness. Do the project right the first time
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    Do a , there are a few thread that rate the t-view, from what i have read the t-view is a bit dimmer then the lilli. not sure about durability and all though.

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    This isnt braned a t-view, but its the same screen. Good luck.


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