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Thread: I'm in trouble..

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    I'm in trouble..

    I'm in trouble..

    After a lot of planning , today I test fitted a dummy panel in the exact place were the lilliput will go. It isnít exactly centered but it was mainly to test the hinge and how much it would reduce visibility.

    To my surprise when I got at the car, which was parked in the sun, the wood panel was very hot and the hinge/bracket metal ( pic 2 ) was so hot that I could hardly touch it.

    It seams that the Lilliputs can handle -5įC ~ 70įC but I doubt that..

    Iím seriously afraid that if I put the Lilliput there it will break the glass.

    Do you guys have some experience with this?? How well do the TFT screens can handle high temperatures?
    One thing I didnít understand was how itís possible that the wood panel was a lot hotter than the rest of the roof.

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    My screen is in my car and with the dark grey dash it gets pretty hot. No problems so far.
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    I don't think you have to worry about heat breaking the glass, however, a pixel's natural enemy is heat. If you mount there, I would recommend cooling the unit down with some AC lovins before using the screen, or you could end up with some dead ones.
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