After having recently got my lilliput it got me thinking.

The screen is good for response time, good viewing angles and not bad for brightness, but even looking at screen shots of the xenarc, it really dont seem much better. Whites really look slightly yellow with the lilli and the TS overlay is certainly quite visable, but it does'nt glare too badly.

Working as a support tech i regularly see Palm and the suchlike devices with fantasically clear screens WITH touchscreens.

I saw a palm colout Zire today and it has a fantastic screen. Its got such vibrant colours, good viewing angles and the white really is white (nice high colour temperature). The brightness wasnt bad either, and the TS overlay, you could bearly notice it was there, though, it was quite reflective though. It was great

Why is there no VGA screen available yet with screens of this quality. It must come down to price, and also the market for small VGA screens is i guess still quite young and, HK desgin based. the Vicci unit seems very promising and he is intent on using only high quality parts. Have to wait and see i guess.

Your views....