I thought Id start a thread on this screen as theres not much on the list here and Im having problems with mine. Hopefully we can use this thread to put all the stuff people learn about this screen, theres quite a bit on the 7" but I havent seen any mods etc on this one.
Firstly I have a favour to ask of anyone who owns one of these, my VGA input isnt working see thread , Ive been all over the unit and might have it narrowed down. Im getting continuity from all the din pins to the other end of the "dongle" except this one.

Can anyone with a multimeter check this pin against the 2 rows of pins on the other end and tell me if its connected or not, and which pin its supposed to connect to. I count 10 wires coming out the other end of the cables coming from this din, hard to count though they are so small so I might be wrong there, so that means 9 pins plus the body of the din have connections, everything is so small its hard for me to isolate them all and find which one is the one Im refering to. Thanks and anyone feel free to post in here about this screen.