Ok here we go. I've searched around a bit and realized that I should probably be able to convert the actual data wires to a 15-pin VGA connector.

I've been reading that you need some kind of controller? Is that for the data or for the Power?

I've got a working ac-dc inverter that came with the laptop. Although, if I'm going to connect it to a regular VGA connection, I would need external power right? Is there a way to convert 12V car power to power the display?

The display is a Goldstar 10.4" nr: LCA4VE02A
DC-AC inverter: DAC-07B004 it says 1.5A / 32V
There are seven wires coming from the laptop to the inverter (from the left):
Inverter to display got two wires, white and pink.

Is this impossible?