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Thread: Cheap LCD?

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    Cheap LCD?

    I found this :
    While surfing. I beleve you can hook it up to a standerd VGA out port.(Don't hold your breath, but for $20 a pop, it is worth trying) I am going to buy a few, and test them out. I will let you know how it goes. Anyone else is welcome to trying/looking.

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    "SONY ACX705AKM 6.92cm Diagonal Reflective Color LCD Module. This 512 colors LCD color module is brand new and is made for PDAs."

    Umm....this is a wild guess but, this may be the screen from a TG-50. Anyways - do you really want something that small?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Geking
    I beleve you can hook it up to a standerd VGA out port.
    "The module provides low power consumption which is realized by built in 3-bit digital interface circuitry."

    Digital interface means no connection to analog. 3x3 bit interface (9 bits) gives you the 512 colors.

    You will need a controller.
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