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Thread: Lilliput- Wavy interefance during POST/Boot screens? Desktop screen OK

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    Lilliput- Wavy interefance during POST/Boot screens? Desktop screen OK

    I noticed since the word go that the monitor seems to look like it gets 'interferance' on it, its almost like wavy static when it goes through the windows bootup. EG, in the VIA post screen and on the XP professional logo loading screen, its all horizontal flickery/static, but as soon as its in main welcome screen/desktop its ok. If i press auto adjust when i see this flickering, it sorts it self out and its ok again. I though thats all ok but it has started doing it actually in the windows desktop screen now, so i have to press auto adjust to sort it out. Its defo not interferance OR refresh rate issues as its not the flicker like i have it on too low a refresh and its not alternator interferace as it does it on the bench and in the car. Its as if it doesnt like the changing resolutions much. from the post screens 640x480 x60hz up to 800x600 75hz desktop and until you press auto in either one of the situations, it will produce a horizontal static look
    Seems whenever i press auto though, it sorts itself out. I wouldnt have though it should flicker/static like that though.....seen that before?



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    i sort of get it mimnal at the POST but its fine from then on. Is your refresh higher then 75? and whats you resolution? how are you powering the screen?
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    I used to get that waveyness too but somehow it just went away. i noticed it again when i got my second lilliput. and then again when i got my third one. with all three of them the waveyness went away after a week or so.

    hope this helps
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    My Lilliput does the same thing too, I guess it just doesn't like 60Hz sometimes.
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    Make sure your power wires, like the main ones, are away from the video and audio wires.

    Always try to run your power wires on one side of the car, while your audio and video wires go on other side.

    Same thing happens when you run your power wires along side with your audio wires, your audio will distort alittle and get alittle static sometimes.

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    its not interferance. trust. I can see interferance when i use the egg so i know what it looks like. This is diffrent, and like i say it happens using a bench power supply and a car one. Must be it doesnt like changing res's very much.......

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