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Thread: Anybody has experience wuth Lilliput 8"?

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    Anybody has experience wuth Lilliput 8"?

    I am looking to buy a new Lilliput and I came accross the new 8" LCDs. Is this model good ? Is anybody using it?
    I want to know if it is 4:3 and is it worth to spend $50 more for this model (compare to the 7" model).
    How is the touch screen working? Problems?
    In other words I need an advice which model should I choose - the 7" ot 8" Lilliput.

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    I went ahead and bought the 8" off ebay for $298 + $34 shipping from "electronicar" i believe (ebay store: I did the 4:3 cuz it i barely had to cut much plastic off my dash at all (< 1/4") to slide the front plastic plate of the unit into my dash and bondo it up. And its bigger (i think), for the same price far as i can tell. Seems to all work just fine. My display in particular, maybe one in ten or fifteen times you turn it on, it just has a few flickery horiztonal white lines, until you turn it off and then back on, then all is well. Kind of obnoxious, but i'll deal with it because i cannot really send it back, nor will i spend the money or time. One thing that kinda sucks is there is that auto-power-on solution for the 7" lilli, but the schematics do not seem to match the board inside the 8" lilli. I plan on doing a lil modification using the "constant to momentary output" solution at

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