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Thread: lilliput picture is not aligned

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    lilliput picture is not aligned

    I am having a problem with my lilliput when ever I turn it on the picture is not aligned it is off to the right by about an inch. If I go into the lilliput menu and try and adjust the screen over to the left it doesn’t go any more because the H POSITION is already at 100 but if I go to auto adjust it will put the screen where it is supposed to be and then H Position will be at 173 which I cant get to manually. So every time I turn off my computer and the screen shuts off when it comes back on I have to go menu – auto adjust- auto tune just to get it right.

    I am sorry if this is hard to understand I am finding it hard to explain. If any one has had this problem and can give me an idea on how to fix it that would be good or if any one just has some things I could try I would really appreciate it this is annoying me to have to do this every time I turn it on.

    Thanks in advance for the help

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    download a program called powerstrip then in display properties go to advanced timing, it lets you move the screen.

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    thanks for the help that fixed it

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