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Thread: It's arrived - 8" Lilliput

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    Jul 2004
    Berkshire, UK
    Shame Leddy, it looks good.
    I think I might work on my own 640x480 / 800x600 skin, once I've decided what I'm going to use.
    I'm not sure I like MediaCar 100% - MMC looks like it could be great, and I've not tried Frodo yet - so much choice!

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    I'm not at all affiliated, in any shape or form with those Hong Kong Ebay traders, this is not a conspiracy!!! But I must say that they actually run from a decent office in an area that I've travelled to before! I know this because I was really rather worried about sending that much money over to Hong Kong via paypal, so I just asked my girlfriend who happened to be in Hong Kong for three weeks and go and pick one up for me! After much investigation, I managed to pin down the "Electronic Car" place and found their full address and telephone number.

    They were based in Shatin, which is definitely Hong Kong. I was there 3 years ago, and it was cool. My girlfriend said it was a huge industrial estate, .. not quite like our type of industrial estate, because they had buildings about 30-40 stories tall, but an industrial nethertheless! The office was quite busy according to her, apparently with loads of Ebay trading going on. Hmm.

    Well, they tested the 8" Lilliput screen for her there and then, and showed her how to use it when really she just wanted to leave and head out for her own shops! But she got back 3 days ago with the screen and I have to say, it really does work a treat! I guess I won't be tooooooo scared paying that particular trader if I need anything in the future, ... But then I've got my screen already! Cost me 153 all in! Well, .. it cost my girlfriend that much as I haven't actually paid her back yet!

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    Berkshire, UK
    Ace deal mate, well done!

    I'm sure you'll enjoy it... I've now got to work out how and where to mount it without drilling/destroying my car! :-s

    I'm tempted to investigate a gooseneck type arrangement...

    Oh, and I'm about 70% complete on a new skin for FrodoPlayer for 640x480 screens....
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