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Thread: Computer input on non-VGA screen?

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    Computer input on non-VGA screen?

    OK, here's my question, and please don't flame me because I HAVE done my homework, I can't find clear answers on the board.

    I would like to use a touchscreen module from digitalww, because I don't want to touch the LCD directly. In my experience, over time this causes distortion and color changes and I don't want to deal with that. Because I'm using that, I don't want to spend the extra money on an LCD that also has touchscreen capability built in. However, I haven't yet found any with a VGA input that weren't touchscreen. So, is it worth even considering using s-video/RCA input for the computer output, or is it possible to rewire it to accept VGA? I will not be doing anything that needs EXTREMELY high quality graphics, but at the same time I don't want a CD display to look blurry.

    Also, is touching the screen really anything to worry about or should I just buy the built in one and be done with it?

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    Buy the built in one and be done with it.
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    "just buy the built in one and be done with it?" YES

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    There are plenty of VGA LCDs that do not have touchscreen, if what you're saying is that you have no interest in touchscreen.

    ...but they are not much cheaper. For example, I found this:

    Spend the extra $50 to get the one with touchscreen. You have more flexibility in the future (if you decide 'hey, turns out I DO want one') and it'll be factory functionality instead of a touchscreen you glue on or something.

    Oh, and consider buying from

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