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Thread: Help On Sound

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    Help On Sound

    So i have just gotten the lilliput 7 inch touchscreen and there doesnt seem to be any sound working with it. I tried with and without the additional cable and nothing. Here is my setup.

    Laptop sound out (which works with headphones) into a mini to red/white adapter. Then the additional cable (red/white)from the adapter to the USB plug into the screen. No Sound. I tried the volume up to 100 and made sure the mute was off and still nothing. Only thing i can think of it when using that cable do i need to use the yellow for video or can i use the vga out??

    Is there any other way to test this so i dont have to send it back or something? PLEASE HELP!!!!


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    try switching the inputs (using the source button or whatever; that is, change from VGA input to RCA input, etc.) around while you have the sound going out from your laptop. The speaker's not good for much, but when I first got my lilliput, I wanted to make sure it was working too. I didn't get it to work when VGA input was selected. Try switching the input to the others and see if the sound comes through.

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    ok ill try that when i get home. but that means there is no way to use the VGA video and the "usb" sound. my whole thing is that i dont wanna have my navigation talking over or during my radio playing. and i only have one set of inputs on the back of my radio and have my ipod running into those. Thanx and any help is appreciated.


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    the "usb" is only for the two RCA inputs and 1 mono input. Yellow is Video 1 and then either ( Red is Video 2 White is Audio ) or other way around . yea kinda sucks that it's not even to convention colors.

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    If I recall correctly, the Lilliput does not use the audio input when the monitor is in VGA mode.

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