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Thread: How do I do this?

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    Question How do I do this?

    New guy here... Hello All!!!
    Help! How do I setup a Sharp LQ-9D161 Active Matrix TFT Screen to work with a simple aftermarket indash dvd player, of course I have rca outputs and there are none for the monitor. Can you help me? What do I need. I've been searching and it doesn't make since... can anybody break it down in simple terms for the new guy.

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    You need a controller card for the LCD. The controller cards are typically more than the cost of the actual LCD. If you Google for "Sharp LQ-9D161 controller card" you'll find lots of useful information.

    For the price of a controller card, you can easily buy a smaller VGA or Composite input LCD.

    Anyway, go with whatever makes you happy. That's all that counts in the end.




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