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Thread: matrox G550 +PSOne

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    matrox G550 +PSOne


    I'm a newb here,
    but my question was:
    Has anyone have got any experiance with the matrox G550 and the psone lcd?

    I did a and found some cards that work with the psone, but found nothing on my cards,
    I have some S3 virge's lying around (I found in this forum they wil not work).
    and also a Matrox G550 and a Geforce MX440 (don't know if this one will work either)

    then also I've got 2 psone screens,
    one of some unknown brand, (hack worked, but can't seem to get the image standing still in powerstrip, I think it's because of the graphics card, so thatfore this question)
    and the other is the thrustmaster. this one I not yet hacked, but I tried the S-video, does'n work, it does on the unknown screen. (but now today I started to wonder, maybe it's not a s-video port on the thrustmaster, but a headphone jack, can someone confirm this?)


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    I am installing the PSone monitor in my car as we speak. the way i have it right now, i got some 6 pair cat3 and soldered every wire going from the PSone hookup that connects to the back of my playstation to the monitor itself, and then ran that to the front of the car, i did the same with the display for my inverter. i also am having a peice of plastic created custom for me(it's good to have connections) and everything is going to fit right under my deck on my 98 accord coupe. if you need any help with anything, i can show you how i wired it and all. it's not a hard install, just takes a lot of time. i'm just lucky my brother is a mechanical jesus:P he is starting a company that does COMPLETE custom work on cars somewhere in california, right now he is training at BMW's STEP program in florida, but if you need any work done, he's amazing with what he can do

    David King

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