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Thread: Datalux Flickering

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    Datalux Flickering

    Every so often, my Dalalux screen gets all crazy. Half the screen wipes out, it starts to flicker, and sometimes just displays blocks of colors and lines. When I give it a tap or a slight shake, it comes back to normal.

    Im guessing something is loose inside and tomorrow Im going to take it apart to inspect. My truck is lowered excessively and I only have front airbags (suspension, not safety) so it still rides rough on PA's *****ty roads. Im thinking the constant bumpiness could have loosened something - maybe a plug or the controller board...

    Im hoping its an easy fix but nervous that it could be a sign of imminent failure.

    Anybody ever have a similiar experience?
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    Check the connections are not loose from the screen to the carputer
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