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Thread: Anyone have a Xenarc installed in an Xterra?

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    Anyone have a Xenarc installed in an Xterra?

    I did a search and found no pics of a touchscreen installed in the dash of an xterra....I have a friend that wants to install one and I wanted to see if someone has done this for some hints/suggestions regarding any problems that I might encounter when installing it.
    Thanks in advance

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    I don't have my touchscreen in the dash of my Xterra . . .yet. But I ran across this guy's install at He's got a Frontier which is basically the truck version of the Xterra. The dash is the same as my car. He put up a very nice tutorial of his install. Maybe it will help you.

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    Hey Mike,

    I am in Tampa and have an xterra that I will be getting a touchscreen mounted into the dash. I am going to be getting it professionally done and fabricated though...unless I can find aftermarket parts to replace the dash.
    '05 350Z Roadster

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