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Thread: lilliput makes starvision sp-7vga

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    lilliput makes starvision sp-7vga

    Just got off the phone with starvision and they told me lilliput makes this monitor for them if you look at the sp-7vga looks just like the lilliput.Just thought I would pass this info along.
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    Yes. Since they order in large quanitity, it comes into USA as OEM.

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    You may be right about lilliput producting the SP7,

    But that picture is NOT the Starvision SP7, THAT PICTURE IS A LILLIPUT.

    See the store for the correct picture.

    Not mention the SP7 has much worse brightness. I believe 250 nits compared to 400 nits.

    This is the SP7:
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    So its a cut priced lilliput? That fills me with enthusiasm

    Actually, it looks OK for the price. I do like the fact it comes with a headrest mount, handy for fabricating into the dash whilst actually keeping the screen whole and making it removeable.
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    but 250 nits...that would suck. I already think my lilli could be brighter (for sunny days)...spend the extra few bucks and get a lilli. If you have money to burn get the Xenarc with brighness upgrade (I however don't have money to burn)

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