Just wondered if anyone has had this problem, I fixed my screen the weekend after losing the blue channel on the display, all it was is a wire popped out of the xenarc wiring harness that connects to the screen, I just resoldered it back on.

For the last few weeks my touch screen no longer works, it does work in the house when connected to my home pc, so I thought perhaps the serial port on my carpc has blown, even though windows still see's com 2.

So i built a new pc <i have 2 car pc's one as a spare> and put a new fresh instal of windows XP no SP2, and the screen works fine in the house but not in the car, the message I get is "no controller" when I use the Eely "add" function, I dont know if its the serial extension lead or somthing else?

I bought a USB > Serial but that doesnt work either,

Anyone got any ideas?

Faulty serial extension cable maybe????

Its all plugged in fine btw