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Thread: Xenarc 10" touchscreen?

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    Xenarc 10" touchscreen?

    Has anyone used the Xenarc 10" touchscreen? Kinda steep in price but i really want something larger then 7". Anyone other ideas?

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    Buy a 15'' ilo for 273 and find a 3m touck kit. Works like a dream,for me anyway.
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    Any links to where you purchased yours?

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    You can get it at Walmart, though I'd get the Komodo 15" has a nice 12v power supply so powering it is easy.
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    i have the vt1040 hard to install becouse of the size but its a great display 500 nits,biult in tv tuner,800x600 vga, s-video and composit in. w/auido input. also has a composit & audio pass output. added a touch kit. it is too bright for night time. working on a overlay to dim it at night maybe window tint?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHUPACABRA View Post
    Buy a 15'' ilo for 273 and find a 3m touck kit. Works like a dream,for me anyway.
    Do you mean 3m touch kit? Is the ilo monitor not a touchscreen? How does a touch kit work? Any additional info or links? Thanks....

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