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Thread: where should i go to get a cable?

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    Ok i feel like an *** now
    One of my cables does not work, the other does
    After checking pin 1 on both cables i discoverd that one of them didnt work. I thought i hooked up both cables individually but i guess i didnt.
    Soo.... I got one good cable and one bad from that place
    Is there anyway i can repair this bum cable so i have an extra? or is it not worth the effort

    I still think im going to get a higher quality cable because the one that does work seems to be casting a slight ghost in the image.
    amd 1700, biostar m7ncg 400, hitachi deskstar 120 8mb , 512 pc2700, liliput 7"
    now to put it all together

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    I would say not worth it man. Hard to find a break in a cable, I know from pullin' damn cat5. That's the pits though, but hey it was only $10 right?

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.

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