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Thread: Video Interference Problems ... Help ASAP!!!!

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    Video Interference Problems ... Help ASAP!!!!

    I have a crappy lcd tft pyle 7", while I'm waiting for my vga to arrive.

    Computer chasis is grounded to the same ground as my Alpine amp.
    Inverter is bolted to the raw metal chassis, and grounded to the same spot.
    There is no audible buzz or hum, even with the subs cranked loud.
    The music is rich,crisp,warm, and vibrant.

    Hooked up to a regular DVD player the picture is crisp and clear.
    Hooked up to my computer there are interference lines - they scroll from the top of the screen to the bottom. Ever watch a computer monitor being filmed on a TV show, they have these lines that slowly scroll from top to bottom. My problem is exactly that....

    The video card is a Sapphire 9600 256MB with VIVO.
    I have a radioshack single surge protector, FILTERS UP TO 40DB.

    How do I fix this problem.

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    can you try plugging it into a clean power source to rule out the inverter?

    troubleshoot Man!!

    Figure out what componant or variable is causeing the problem
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    Double check all of your grounds too. Ground your VGA shield as well.

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.

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    I'm with those Guys! I have installed Many In Car Computer Systems. The first thing is to rule out the invertor! I don't know what you are using for a power source inverter + powersupply or an AllInOne But deffinetly try usinf the computers supply from normal power first. if you are using a "mains Power supply from the UK???" it is running at 50hz and that will seriously mess up your screens output! If your sure about the grounding... don't get fusterated just troubleshoot it out and let us know!
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