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Thread: Lilliput Disassembly....

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    Question Lilliput Disassembly....

    Ok, I drive a 99civic Sedan. I currently have no radio at all and decided this carputer thing was a better option than spending 400+ on a new radio. I have a double din and took some measurements and found that the Lilliput would not fit height wise. Reason it would fit is because on my center console I have a/c vents and a/c controls above and below the dins which wont allow me to make any cuts to fit in the screen. My main question here is has anyone fully disassembled a lilliput? What I want to do is remove the casing and use the screen itself and make my own face plate for it. And do I really need the buttons that are on the screen? cause I could just hide those inside the console. Ill take some shots of the console so you guyz can see what I'm talkin about, I'll post pics after I get off work today. Any input will be greatly appreciated.


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    Look at the sticky on the top of the LCD section and also this page

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