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Thread: Splitting one VGA to 3 LCD and TV output

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    Splitting one VGA to 3 LCD and TV output

    Currently in my van there are 2 7" Xenarc and 1 10.4" VGA monitor. Then I have 6 composite LCD screens.

    The video card I have is a ATI AIW 9600PRO. When I hook up both the TV out and VGA, graphics such as winamp visualization becomes very choppy. Also when I have my TV out hooked up, the video card will adjust to fit the TV screen, thus the screen will look weird on the VGA lcd screen.

    Also with the VGA splitter i am using right now, the screens are not as sharp.

    I am planning to get a VGA splitter/booster

    and a VGA to TV output converter

    Then I will disable TV out from my video card and just have one VGA output. It will go into the splitter which will then go to the three VGA lcd and one will go to the VGA to TV converter which will then to go the 6 other composite LCD.

    Will I have problem going this route ?

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    This is what I am thinking too... I think this will work!! But for the 6 tfts you will need a video splitter too!!!

    Also check the power that the VGA splitter needs (9V)..

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    I already have a AV switcher and video amp for the other 6 LCD screen.

    I also noticed that it uses 9V. I am thinking of getting those 12v to 9v converter and hardwire it to the car. Or maybe I will get power from the Power Inverter.

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