Hi all, I have been on for all the VGA and RGB connection on mp3car.com but still can't solve my problem.

From Alpine NVE-N077PS it uses RGB output (RGB + Composite TTL SYNC) and Lilliput use VGA input. So my setup would be from RGB to VGA.

Is it the same as how you would connect from VGA to RGB? Where do I connect the Composite TTL SYNC to which pin on lilliput's VGA connector?

The reason why I didn't use composite video out put from NVE-N077PS is because it won't show up on my new Lilliput 7" TS monitor, all I get is constant showing up "NO VIDEO 1" on the monitor 7" TS monitor-NEW

I don't know why, it is fine with the older Lilliput 7" TV monitor7" TV monitor-OLD but not with this new TS monitor.

I am thinking maybe they are not compatible but I still hope I can use this TS monitor with alpine GPS Please help me!!!

Thanks in advance.