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Thread: pocket pc as display for computer

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    pocket pc as display for computer

    hello all, this is my first post! lol I need to find a way to use my pocket pc as a display and input method for my carputer. I was running off an ancient 5in crt! yes you heard me crt! hehe now I would like to make this work. The ipaq is a 3870 series and it has a pc card slot and pc card ethernet, and 802.11b card availible to it. the only thing I need is a way to interface it with my carputer. I know there are programs that allow you to view a pocket pcs screen from a computer but I want to do the opposite. so it must be possible to make this program but does it exist is my question.

    Thanks for da help

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    Do you mean something like this?

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    Or AIMEE will use a remote control system for control this could be run from symbian smartphones, or any phones that support java MIDP 2.0 as for a palm app this sounds interesting!!
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    Two ideas...

    1 - Terminal Services client for Pocket PC:

    2 - FrodoPlayer 1.09! (when it's released) will have a builtin webserver. You should be able to build a custom control page and access it via the ipaq over 802.11.

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    You could try using vnc, you'll have to scroll about a bit to be able to see the full screen but it works.

    Also if you just want your pc to play MP3's there is a free PPC program called Vinyl ( ) that lists songs that are on your pc so you can remote control play them through winamp and make playlists etc from the ppc.

    I'm just thinking about how i'm going to control my pc from my ppc at the mo, only want it to play music at the moment untill someone brings out a nice in dash vga screen and then i'll get one of those. Got the PC ready and most of the wiring is in my car, just need a psu.

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