I saw a pic of this monitor a while back. It is the Boss Audio BV650M . Now I know this monitor isn't high quality, nor is it VGA for an ideal Carputer. However, it seems like it would be alright if you wanted to use your (modded) X-Box for MP3's and movies and games. Also, for those with Volkswagens, it seems like it would be a perfect OEM-style match for the interior illuminated dash of our cars. Plus it is motorized. I see it go for around $350 on Ebay. For some reason, I can't find what the resolution or amount of pixels this unit has. What do you guys think of this unit?


TFT Active Matrix Display
PLL Sythesized AM/FM Tuner
AM/FM-MPX PLL Tuning Radio
30 Station Presets
Wireless Remote Control
Vertical Angle Adjustment
Audio/Video Source Input
Dual RCA Outputs
DIN Mounting
Output Power: 80W x 4
CD Changer Controller for CDC-3000