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Thread: Xenarc VGA+RCA screen -- mirroring?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltaFX
    Logitech cam....well, ehr.... Does logitech have camera(s) capable of 640*480 @30fps ?
    Stay away from the cheap logitechs, expect to spend at least $60 and get the logitech Pro 4000 or similar (I think i have the 3000) and resolution or fps won't be a problem. It doesn't perform well in low light, but really no worse then most other cameras that don't do IR or don't have some specific low light capability. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    It looks like Logitech does their mirroring with software -- does anyone know of a fairly low-cost camera that mirrors in hardware? Tall order, I know.

    I'm wondering because I'd like to either plug directly into the screen, or pass it through a linux carputer. The latter is preferable, but I don't know of any software that does video mirroring in linux.

    Is there software that does video mirroring in linux?

    I understand that X has support for XRandR, which should do the trick. Unfortunately, I could not find any video cards that are supported. Ideas? Hints?

    Thanks all


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