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Thread: No picture on my monitor !! Please HELP

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    No picture on my monitor !! Please HELP

    I have recently received the DWW-7VGA from

    I have come to set it up at home to test all my software will operate as I want it. Though when I plug it in there is nothing on the monitor at all.

    The touchscreen is working ok,but no picture, nothing happens to the screen when I press any of the buttons, and the light blinks when no VGA cable is plugged in and is permanently on when VGA is plugged in.

    I am using a Geforce graphics board.

    Do i need to alter any settings to get a display ??

    Please help me, I am so close to finishing !


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    Still searching.......

    anyone offer a solution ????

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    can no-one help ??

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    I had this problem couple of weeks ago. Turned out that I accidentally pressed the INPUT button on my lilliput screen. So the input was video and not VGA.

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