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Thread: HELP (4 Displays)

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    Question HELP (4 Displays)


    I'm starting a project. (A Newbie.. hehe)

    I looked at this: Via M10000-N mainboard

    Then my plan is: 1 Touchscreen, and 2 5,6" Displays in the headrests. And I have an 14" Display from a Laptop, Is it possible to use them all at the same computer?? I just need the same picture at each Display..

    And is it possible it make a socket(cord) or what it's called.. *LOL*

    Please help me.. So that I can get started



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    video amplifier

    only problem U may run into is the laptop display, I think you may need a converter for that. I don't know much about how easy/hard it would be to convert it

    socket cord - no idea ?
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    The problem with the laptop display.. is that everything is thrown out so I only have the display, and the wires doesn't look like a normal display.. So I don't know what to do with it..

    Do you have a link to the video amplifier?

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    You won't be able to use the laptop display, search and ye shall find out why.

    You can just use a video splitter to get the same view on all the monitors. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    look on the back of the LCD and google any part or seriel numbers. You should be able to find out if there is a controller for it after some searching. will probobly be pricey though.

    the 5.6'' screens your are looking for/have are probobly tft screens. they will be okay for video, but not for small text. look in the completed projects section or display section of the site.
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    Thanks!! I guess I just hoped that there was a way to fix the laptop display in some way..

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    If the headrest screens are composite, you can use splitters, if they're S-vid, you may need a vid amp/splitter, if they're VGA, I'd recommend an amp/splitter to split the 7" and the smaller ones, then just Y-cables to split up the rest of the small ones. I've noticed that sometimes when using different types of monitors off of one VGA Y-splitter, both screens don't always look right, usually bad color on one.
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