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Thread: Pyle - Does anybody know this brand?

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    Cool Pyle - Does anybody know this brand?


    I'm looking for references for this product. I wonder if somebody here has one installed or knows who has. I would like to know if th brand has good quality and it's reliable.

    PYLE - 6" TFT//LCD Monitor w/Headrest Frame &Stand Bracket



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    $370 for a 6 inch tft is pretty expensive. you should buy your stuff here . They are all at least 7'' widescreen VGA touchscreens. Its worth the extra money.
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    I had a Pyle In-Dash DVD system with a monitor and it was ok. I ended up selling it for a profit on Ebay after using it for the summer. I just don't like pull out monitors because they shake too much in the bumpy ride of my SUV. However, I can't say anything bad about the unit was actually pretty nice for what it was made for.

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    Just FYI that Pyle screen is on E-Bay for about $160. Also, I sell some car audio stuff for my business, and my wholesale price on that screen is $132.90 I obviously don't get the best wholesale prices since I only buy 1s and 2s of things, but there is a number for you to look for. The closer you get to $130, the better the deal you're getting.

    I've never used or seen this monitor, this is all the help I can be for now.
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    for the money get yourself a proper 7inch VGA screen, it will be bigger capable of multi inputs and have much much better screen res when running a pc
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    i'm going a xenarc for my main interface screen, (how valuable is it too you to be able to interface with the car pc? too me, its essential ;-)

    however, for subsequent screens, i'll go the pyle 7" ones, for mounting in the sun visor or behind head-rests. Also, their drop-down roof mount monitor looks ok for the money, cause these subsequent monitors DONT NEED the same quality as the main interface, they'll mainly be used for DVD's and such... and for passenger enjoyment, not mine..

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    Hi everybody!

    Thanks for allyour replies. I feel like I confused you people a little bit since my link pointed to the manufacturers website where appears the MSRP of U$ 370, but that's not really th price I would pay on it. There's a dealer down here in southamerica offering these for aprox. U$ 220.

    Many of you may think Why pay U$ 220 on this product and not buy a Lilliput 7" VGA Touchscreen for U$ 280 at the MP3Car Store? Well with the shipping expenses and all the taxes that I would have to pay I would end getting out of my pocket aprox. U$ 700. Believe it or not. To the date I haven't found a local dealer for lilliputs.

    Any way, I'm not sure if I'm going this way. I'm also exploring the possiblity of aquirng the PSONE screen and doing the hack. I'll be posting some questions about this in the near future.


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