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Thread: Is anyone still using only Alphanumeric displays?

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    Is anyone still using only Alphanumeric displays?

    Is anyone still using only Alphanumeric displays?
    Hmm. im using a 16x2.- just got it all running
    Next step TFT.

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    I ran a 16x2 for a number of years. Then I upgraded to a 20x4 display, then a 7" TFT Lilliput for year, then upgraded to a Xenarx 700TSV.
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    Goo Goo Dolls...... Quality Stuff!!!!

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    I have one in my VCR computer and software compatibility starts to suck on those... I am happy girder still exists, but not all software can communicate with it... hopefully FP1.09 will be the ultimate media software when combined to girder.?

    images of 44780 LCDs (big):

    in-car, I wanted to put a VFD, but when I have gotten a 4*40 VFD, it was FREAKIN HUGE and I might simply use the touchscreen and FP.

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