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Thread: Brighest wiring method?

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    Brighest wiring method?

    I tried to but couldn't find what I was looking for.

    What method of wiring up your lilliput gives you the brightest screen? I'm looking at 2 methods:

    1) Cut off the egg and wire directly to a molex on the opus


    2) Cut off the cigarette lighter adapter, keep the egg, and run it off an extra +12V wire on my wiring harness that's always on.

    also, do either methods give you any kind of audio or visual interference?

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    What worked for me in getting the brightest screen was to cut off the egg and use the ac power adapter that came with the lili and plugged it into a converter. If you're using the opus then run it off of the 12 volts from the molex connector.

    Before I switched cases and power supplies I use to run it from the 12 volts from the molex but when I got a new case and power supply I got some intereference so I just used the ac adapter because the inverter was right there.

    - Kyle

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