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Thread: Why does my tv not always work???

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    Question Why does my tv not always work???

    Help me with this issue i've been having. I recently added a ATI AIW to my carputer. I went thru disabling the onboard via tv out and installed the drivers for the new card. When i boot, i can always see the via logo and it appears that everything is working correctly, but about 60% of the time the screen just goes blank after the xp load screen. i have NO idea why is doin that. My setup goes like this

    EPIA 800
    ATI AIW in pci slot
    tv-out connected via rca to pyramid mv7sc tv
    screen powered thru the morex supply in the case.

    I also have this problem when hooked up to my tv in the house. After a couple of hard restarts (no set amount) it just begins to work like this is no problem. Is it possible that xp somehow is still trying to load drivers from the VIA board even though i removed them from the device manager? HELP

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    I was trying to add a video card to a Emachines PC with onboard video. I had similar problems. I was using Win 2000 at first. When I switched to Win XP, everything worked fine.
    For my i810 based mobo, I had to uninstall (or disable, cant remember) the onboard graphics controller under system devices, and then the listing under display adapters. It prompted me to reboot, and I said no and shutdown normally. I then installed the new card, let windows load its drivers, restarted, and then loaded the ATI drivers. I was using a Radeon 7000 PCI card.

    Hope this helps...
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