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Thread: removing TS from Lilliput

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    removing TS from Lilliput

    All rightyyyy,

    Time to take of the touchscreen on my lilliput as the glare is just a joke in the day light.

    Is it just a simple case of ripping the screen apart and pulling the overlay off? Do i just have to disconnect the wire from the touchscreen going to the pcb?

    cheers for any info
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    DigitalWW instructions for putting the touch screen in their custom dash mount. You can just use the instructions there for taking apart your monitor.
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    Yep, just remove the overlay and disconnect the wire from the touch screen controller board.

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    i do recommend though that you go to home depot and get a piece of plexiglass and cut it to the dimensions and replace the touch panel with the plexiglass. helps protect the screen from scratches and dust

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