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Thread: For each question answered you save one starving zimbabwean child

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    For each question answered you save one starving zimbabwean child

    So were is the best place to get a lilliput 7” under the pretence I will probably have a problem with it.

    I have read a lot of bad reviews on it so I think I know all the big issues, were should I get it from If I don’t want the Jurassic park slash screen, a touch screen that will be under warranty for a good period of time, and somewhere local or at least in the united states that will be able to fix it the problem quickly and reliably if I am one of the many people that have a problem with it?
    Also wondering I have seen some with the stock black reveal/ bezel, is there anyone that carries that?

    And if I end up going with the Xenarc (which is probably what I should just do right off the bat), since it doesn’t seem to have the same type of problems at all, where is the cheapest place and which place would be the best place to get it?

    Also I have been searching for the side by side comparison I read someone did, but haven’t been able to find it. if someone could post a link I would be very grateful. I would really like to see the difference in glare, as that is a major concern of mine even though I already have tinted windows.


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    Quote Originally Posted by frodobaggins
    Short & sweet, I like it
    However, I must agree...Not based on previous purchases, but b/c I have never read a single complaint (maybe they've been surpressed... ), that & it is the store that keeps our forums up
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