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Thread: Store Dead Pixel Guarantee?

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    320 Store Dead Pixel Guarantee?

    OK I bought a lilliput, which is now dead, well not quite dead all I get is "No signal" displayed on the screen from the AV In ports and the VGA Cable and the touchscreen is dead.
    Anyway on the lilliput from the store, does it have a 100% no dead pixel guarantee? And has anyone had any problems with the Lilliputs from the store?
    Do the lilliput's suffer from the same touchscreen issues and the din connector issues?

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    its been stated millions of times,, its not where you buy it,, its the source of them all

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    How much you want for your knacked screen?

    Edit: Ah, just noticed you are in Aus!

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    Bought mine from Works excellent. No probs so far.
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