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Thread: FFS extension cable ghosting!! anyone use Belkin?

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    FFS extension cable ghosting!! anyone use Belkin?

    Arrg such an annoyance.

    Ive tried 2 cables now. Both belkin.

    5 meters Gold series Belkin cable. = This gives ghost vertical line down the extreme right of the screen and ghosting etc on the left hand area of the screen to any works etc etc.

    So i thought, ok , ill buy some 3m Belkin High Integrity cable for 17" and upwards monitors. So got it through. It lcable itself ooks exactly the same as the gold series, even the end connectors which are gold, different to the pictures on the net of the cable and guess what. It gives ghosting down the left area, maybe 'slighty' better

    FFS what the hell else am i supposed to try. I ve wasted 30 ($50) on just cabling alone which is cr@p for my xenarc AND Lilliput. Ive tried it with Lilliput and Xenarcs in and out of the car, diffrent methods of power, using diffrent PCs and all yields the same cr@p result, but when i link it straight up its fine.

    I only want a 3m cable which WORKS!!

    seems these little screens are REALLy sensitive to length of VGA cable, either that or belkin SUCKS!!?


    Im in the UK so suppliers of cabel would be good. pref 3m..


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    hrmm im using lilliput + 25ft of el cheapo gray vga cable... no problems.. maybe your video card is retarded have you tried anotheone?

    explain your setup a bit more...
    Carputer: 2.8Ghz P4, 512 RAM, 120gb HDD, WIFI, TV tuner, CDRW/DVDROM, Slot load DVD in front.
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    Ive tried 2 PC's m8. A laptop and my MII-10000 with onboard. its weird Sh1t m8

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    no one gonna help me ?

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    Probably to do with what you are running your cable next to, rather than the cable itself. I'm using a 4 3m extension cable without any problems.

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    Sorted- Belkin sucks, period....

    Well got some crappy 2meter VGa extensions from work, linked them together connected them up and WALAAAAAAA picture perfect display, no ghosting or ANYTHING.

    Just goes to show how trusting branding is a terrible misconception, HIGH INTEGRITY.... my @ss

    dont waste your money on this stuff, im buying an el cheapo off ebay now....


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    I have had only bad experiences with belkin cables and their KVM switches they always ghost

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