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Thread: Lilliput drivers problem....

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    Unhappy Lilliput drivers problem....

    I just recieved my Lilliput today! Tried to install it onto my laptop just to see it and try it out. Something went wrong, now I can only get the screen to show up but can't "REINSTALL" or "UNINSTALL" the touchscreen part. Doesn't work and when I try to reinstall it it says that it will unistall first then reboot and nothing changes, can't reinstall?

    Anyone have similar problem? Using a IBM THINKPAD A31 w/Windows 2000 pro. Troubleshooter in the driver says "Error CODE 10"?

    Thanx for your help....
    2004 MAZDA 6 v6-GT
    INSTALL waiting to be done! M10000, 256MB, 80GB, ASUS TV/FM Card, D-Link Wireless G USB Adapter, 7" Lilliput, backlit keyboard and 4D Trackball Mouse. (No GPS yet)

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    yes i have the same problem, it does not seem to be able to install drivers on laptops, i've searched and found people with similar problems when they use a laptop.

    it kinda f u c k e d mine up real bad i have to reinstlal windows.

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