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Thread: Starvision Lilliput And Pixelon All The Same Screen?

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    Starvision Lilliput And Pixelon All The Same Screen?

    I was looking for a universal dash mount for my pixelon screen and discovered this ! isnt that a lilliput? so who is lilliput do starvision maufacture for lilliput ? are starvision lilliput and pixelon all the same company ?

    if you look at this screen compared to a lilliput its the same.

    My next question is if i have a pixelon is that the same screen as the above thus the universal dash mount that digitalwww sell must fit the pixelon as well ?

    yay or nah ?

    im intrigued!

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    I have the SP-7VGAT and I love it. I ended up removing it from its original case to find that I wasn't the first person to either open/close the case as one of the corner screw mounts was broken. Nevertheless, the screen has performed fabulously. SOme say the brightness 250 nits (sp) is not enough but it works well for me. I haven't had any issues with it and hope and pray that I continue to be issue free. They very well could all be the same screens with different input boards.

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    i emailed starvision and asked if the screens were the same and thus my reply :

    Hi Jascer,

    The Sp-7vga is the Lilliput screen made for Starvision. The SP-7VGAT is a different unit also 7 and touch.
    Pixelon is the hi-end line for Starvision products.


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