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Thread: What resolution should I run on Lilliput?

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    What resolution should I run on Lilliput?

    Its set at 800 x 600. I dont have any other lower choices in display
    properties. I was going to reset it at 800 x 480 or 848 x 480. How
    can I get and change these resolutions? I have a MII 12000 motherboard with latest vga drivers.

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    You need to use an application like powerstrip to create a custom resolution.

    Search around and you should find some more info on this subject.

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    Ideally you will want 800x480. However, the onboard video on most VIA Mini-ITX boards do not support custom resolutions, so even something PowerStrip won't work.

    The next best thing is 800x600, because you do not notice distortion in the vertical plane as much as you would do in the horizontal plane, so you notice 600 squashed into 480 MUCH less than if you tried to stretch 640 pixels into 800 or squash 848 pixels into 800.

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