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Thread: Need Suggestions for and LCD

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    Arrow Need Suggestions for and LCD

    I have a C5 Corvette and I'm looking for an LCD that will fit in the stock stereo location. The space that I have to work with is 7 5/8 inches wide and 3 3/16 inches tall. This guy:

    Found one at logic supply. When I tried finding that one again, it was no longer there. Any ideas? I have been looking at the 7" LCD's, but the 7" is taller than I want.

    The LCD must be VGA and I would like for it to have a video input as well. I plan on hooking this up to a small-form-factor PC in my trunk (replacing my stock 12-disc changer). It also much be a touchscreen.

    Thanks in advance for any help. This is my first post here, but definately not my last.

    PS. I have tried and . That being said, I may have searched for the wrong things, so be gentle if I have asked a stupid or already answered question.

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    It's probably a 7" touch screen like a lilliput or similar. You'll have to custom install it, I don't think it will fall right into place.

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    You have a couple of choices:

    1) get a din adapter for the hole & put a digitalww in-dash conversion kit on a liiliput or xenarc 7" and put that in there. Has the added advantage that it hides away out of sight.

    2) move the air conditioning controls down to where the ashtray is and fabricate a panel to hold a lilliput/xenarc 7" in place.

    3) as 2) but you can just squeeze a lilliput 8" in there. Do a someone here posted exactly this setup in his vette recently.

    I'm actually moving my main carpc to my suburban, but at some point I'm going to do my C5 too. I'm going to get one of these promised motorised screens and fab it in the dash with a DVD. I'll be moving the ashtray to make room. At the same time I'll put amps in and upgrade the speakers to a 5.1 system. Thats the plan anyways.
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