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Thread: Lilliput touchscreen issue

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    Lilliput touchscreen issue

    I'm having an intermittent problem with my touchscreen. Every so often, when I touch the screen it will register that I touched it below where I actually did. The x-axis seems to be responding perfectly, but the cursor is well below where I am actually touching. If I hold my finger down for a few seconds, sometimes the mouse will move back up to where my finger is. After this it behaves normally. Other times it will remain this way indeterminately.

    From what I understand, the screen itself is actually very simple, so I am suspecting that the controller is the problem (especially since the screen correctly registers the x-axis).

    Both the controller and screen are replacement parts I received from Armin (I've been through something similar once before).

    Is there any way this could be a driver issue?

    Are there any controllers that will work with this touchscreen that are strictly PS2 and if so are they more reliable (I never have liked USB)?

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    I'm having the same issue. I think it's a USB problem, it's affecting my BU-303 GPS receiver.
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