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Thread: psone lcd size when taken apart?

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    psone lcd size when taken apart?

    i have a sony branded lcd, yet i dont want to take it apart if it will be to large. maybe some kind soul could snap a picture of a front veiw with it taken apart.

    i have seen the sites with it taken apart, but they dont show the front shot. i have a small space to mount it and hoping the board behind it doesnt take up as much room as the circle shape. or is it only a few wires to lengthen to relocate that board?


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    Unfortunately the pcb behind is actually quite large and it does take up most of the circle shape.

    What most people do is extend the inverter wires, and mount the pcb on a ~45 to 60 degree angle to the display.. The PCB's oval and is about 14.5cm in diameter in one direction and 13cm in diameter in the axis perpendicular to this.

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    hmmm, i had trouble getting much of an angle out of this. looks as if i may just leave it attached, removing the back plate, and cut around the oval shape, leaving the buttons for brightness acessable, which is a good idea imo. then cut that shape out of my visor and have it overhead for easy hiding. and maintaning a stock look when parked.

    sound good?

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