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Thread: Browsing eBay - Xenarc for Honda owners

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    Quote Originally Posted by nl4jy
    I don't get it.. what's not to like about the price? He's selling the benzil AND the Xenarc touchscreen.

    4 days is oftly long.. I'll wait till there's 30 minutes left and get the Xenarc screen for only 250 ^_^v
    What's a "benzil" ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NRGZ28
    What's a "benzil" ?
    Remember AllAdvantage From 7 years ago? IT IS BACK! Now under a new name Agloco

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    Quote Originally Posted by ksmyarse
    Good luck with an auction for a bezel for the Volvo... :-P I'd sell ya mine from my 240 but I'm planning on reforming the same screen when I get an 850R :-P
    Alrighty then. Great choice the 850R (got one myself ) I haven't installed the carpc yet but I will as soon as the F***ing snow disapear.


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