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Thread: FAQ: Everything you need to know about your Xenarc

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    The length of the internal cables in the xenarc is 6". This inclues the display ribbon cable and the multicolored backlight and touchscreen contoller cables. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    (Quoted from another post)
    The external Dimensions of the shroud are 8 3/8 X 5 1/2 X 1 3/8 (1/4 Inch bevel)
    The shroud is molded to the shape of the 700 Series Xenarc Monitors and the monitor is simply pressed in place. As for the quality it's not bad. It'a standard plastic molded frame. I've seen better but it does the job very well. It also looks much better once installed. I've seen some people install them in a headrest and cover the shroud with the headrest material. This way you don't even see the shroud
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    If you remove the ribbon cable make sure not to remove the brown clip fastener. I accidentally knocked the clip out and it broke making it impossible to reinsert the ribbon cable. To properly remove the ribbon take your fingernail and wedge it behind the clip and lightly work it out

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    Powerstrip settings for running your Xenarc in native 800*480 resolution & manufacturer's FAQ:

    Q: How do I run native resolution on an intel chipset if I do not have Powerstrip or Powerstrip fails to work?
    A: You will need to use the intel embedded graphics drivers and program them for your LCD/motherboard combo.

    Giulano's IEGD build for boards using the VGA port

    Giulano's IEGD build for boards with an LVDS port

    This method will also work, for 855GME/865 boards using the IEGD 4.1 software.

    You may need an earlier version of the IEGD software if you have an older board.

    Q: How do I power my Xenarc using the molex plug on my power supply? (safer, regulated power)
    A: Chop off the power connector of the included cigarette lighter adapter. The inner set of wires is your positive and the surrounding layer of wires is your negative/ground. Twist these into separate positive/negative strands.

    Connect the positive strand to the yellow wire on a male molex connector. Connect the negative strand to either black wire on the male molex connector. Plug it in to one of the female molex connectors on your power supply and you should be good to go!

    If you do not want to destroy the Xenarc's cigarette lighter adapter, you can also substitute any other power adapter that uses the same style plug. The wiring will most likely be a little different, but you still have a 50/50 chance of guessing the right polarity.
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    You can leave the internal speaker disconnected and the Xenarc will function normally.
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    as good an idea this is, better yet if you have a strong enough psu (atleast 150w) write the monitor directly into it and your shutdown controller, this will shut down and boot the entire system toghether - if you can best bet would be to use an extra cdrom or floppy connector coming out of the psu to power the screen (instead of splicing into the main atx connector to the mb)

    -- reffering to the usb and touchscreen detection problem when screen shuts down before computer --

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    Inside the 700IDT

    If you are interested in what's inside the Xenarc 700IDT chassis, here is a thread with pictures of the inside of the cage (not the inside of the actual monitor).
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    Xenarc dimensions as it comes in the box

    The Xenarc 700TSV casing dimensions as it comes in the box are:

    Height: 125mm
    Width: 195mm
    Depth: 34mm

    I couldnt find a post with these dimensions anywhere on the site and these are useful for people like me who dont want to remove the outer casing
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    If you flip the touch controller ribbon, or are doing the mod in the first post and flip the data wires... don't worry (just did this a couple of minutes ago) recalibrate the touch screen and you're good to go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by live2themaxuk

    It seems the Xenarc touchscreen isnt self powered and only comes on after the screen itself has had power given to it.

    i have my screen turn off HARD when i pull my keyout, but my computer stays on until the opus turns it off softely, so the computer thinks ive pulled the touchscreen usb out. WHen it comes back on i get a Duuuuu-daaaaaa as if ive pulled it back in again (which in effect i have as i turn my screen on) and it messes up any visulisation i have running)

    SO to solve this, you need to do what i have done below. Seperate the USB touchscreen from the Xenarcs 20 Pin lead.

    The following assumes you know abit about electronics and have disassembled a xenarc/gain beforehand

    1# Find a spare longish USB lead with a male end on it.

    2# Cut and strip back the wire to expose the inner cables Positive Negative and the two signal wires.

    3#Before you unplug the cable on the back on the xenarc linking the USB touchscreen board to the xenarc 20pin connector you may want to check the continuity of which connect is which and where it goes at the end of the USB plug. Note, you will not get a electricity flow through the V+ pin on the USB controller and the USB plug as that is in effect 'blocked' until you turn the screen on (which is why i am doing this)

    4# Unplug the cable that links the xenarcs 20pin board to the USB controller board. Notice there are 5 PINS on the controller board but only 4 on the plug that plugs into it. WHen you plug the connector back it ensure it is biased more towards one side than the other. (see pic at the bottom)

    5# Either cut the original cable linking the USB touch board with the Xenarc's 20pin board or find the same connector from elsewhere (like i did) and solder it up based on your findings in #3

    6# notice the colours of the USB leads and the little connector. These colours and positions were correct for my situation but i cannot garentee they will be the same for you. They should be if all colours are followed in USB leads but i suggest you check and double check it with a continuity tester (multimeter) first

    7# Individually insulate them up then insualte the whole lot to ensure a good strong join in the cable (fragile connectiond under there)

    8# triple check all connections and connect to USB controller. Notice how it is more towards one side of the connector than the other, leaving one pin not used it the recieving connector block.

    9# Fire it up (not literally we hope) and test with fingers crossed

    10# Admire your work

    I hope some of you will find this useful

    good luck

    I got an easyer way to stop the beep...

    Go to control Panel, goto Sound Under sounds, Turn off the Windows Connect sound and disconnect sound.
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