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Thread: FAQ: Everything you need to know about your Xenarc

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    Xenarc Touchpanel Driver

    I bought the new 5-wire Xenarc 700TSV.

    The driver CD that comes with the package is Ver 3.2.4.
    This driver does not work with XP.... the touch panel calibration software could not "discover" the touchpanel.

    Go to and download a newer version of the driver and it works fine. I use the following driver:

    Although it says "beta" version, it works. It doesn not have the "shutdown" feature on the bottom taskbar though.

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    1020 Tsv

    There are 2 bugs in the Xenarc 1020 TSV, the backup camera feature does not work properly. There is no upgradable firmware in these monitors so the problem can not be fixed without replacing the main board. The feature, as with most Xenarc monitors, automatically overrides the VGA channel with the channel 2 RCA input when there is a signal. It should then switch back to the VGA channel when the signal is gone.

    Problem 1:
    VGA is running, put the car in reverse and backup image appears from Channel 2 as it should => put the car in drive and it does not switch back to VGA (although randomly it does).

    Problem 2:
    VGA is off, put the car in reverse, the image appears correctly on channel 2. If VGA is given a signal while you are in Channel 2 the screen then scrambles. This happens every morning when I am backing out of my garage and my PC boots.

    Xenarc said it was only an issue with the 1020 board. They also said it will be fixed in the next production run (whenever that may be).
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    For those that are looking for a pin-out for the daughterboard on the motherboard check this thread: Some Xenarc/Gain 700TSV pinout data

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    Thumbs up Replacement Housing

    If you lose/break your plastic outer case, you can get a replacement directly from Xenarc for US $25 plus $6 shipping**. (700TS or TSV).

    Simply call: 714-546-1018 ext 2 for Tech support.

    **May not be accurate when you read this.

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    Does the Xenarc's have a service menu? How it can be entered?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WiCKeD 5.9L View Post
    Powerstrip settings for running your Xenarc in native 800*480 resolution & manufacturer's FAQ:

    Q: How do I power my Xenarc using the molex plug on my power supply? (safer, regulated power)
    A: Chop off the power connector of the included cigarette lighter adapter. The inner set of wires is your positive and the surrounding layer of wires is your negative/ground. Twist these into separate positive/negative strands.

    Connect the positive strand to the yellow wire on a male molex connector. Connect the negative strand to either black wire on the male molex connector. Plug it in to one of the female molex connectors on your power supply and you should be good to go!

    If you do not want to destroy the Xenarc's cigarette lighter adapter, you can also substitute any other power adapter that uses the same style plug. The wiring will most likely be a little different, but you still have a 50/50 chance of guessing the right polarity.
    Whoever wrote this does not have a 1020TSV. Do NOT chop off the 12V adapter that came with that, because you will NOT find 2 wires inside. I made this mistake. Instead, you will find an outer sheath and inner wire, which will be impossible to connect to 2 wires. Instead, carefully take apart the 12V cigarette plug adapter and you will see the two wire ends. You must use those and if you screw up connecting them you don't get a another shot. I had to go to radio shack and get the same style plug and use that instead.

    Also, you can use the house adapter that comes with it to check what the polarity is supposed to be, then check your setup before plugging it in.

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    sometimes screen orientation will get skewed horizontally to the left by approx. 3/4 the screen.

    a fix for this is to change your refresh rate. default is 60, and xenarc screens support 60-85hz. i currently run at 75hz, no problems.

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    Can someone please post the glass to glass measurements of the 840TSV Xenarc. Pics of the inside would be nice too.

    I know, no questions, but once someone posts it then you can delete this I promise : )

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    Short cable


    the cable that come withe the Xenarc 700TSV is very long for me
    so i minimiz the cable
    here is the pic that maybe will help some one
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