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Thread: FAQ: Everything you need to know about your Xenarc

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    NEW Internals on 700TSV-B

    Xenarc, has made a change and now only has one PCB. You will need to be aware of this change if you get one of the new screens. Many of the posts show the old internals with connectors etc. and separate PCB's

    Hope this helps someone
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    700IDT Power Pinouts

    I searched forever trying to find this information. Couldn't find it here, so ended up calling Xenarc to get the information. Figured I'd post it here for future searches:

    Here are the power connections for the 4-pin molex header on the back of the 700-IDT (pinout is the header on the board, not the cable):

    (and in case that IMG goes red-x, a crude ascii version: )

    Pin 1: GND
    Pin 2: ACC
    Pin 3: NC (no connect)
    Pin 4: +12V (constant)

    Note, that this is not the same configuration as the 4-pin cable on an ATX power supply. Pin-2 on that cable is GND so the monitor will not turn on. Fortunately Pin 3 is NC so you won't fry anything by accidentally plugging in +12V there.

    Also, if you want to use the co-axial power plug to the right of the 4-pin header, you need to short Pins 2 and 4 together so that the ACC pin is powered.

    Hopefully this helps some people out. It certainly would have saved me a couple hrs of searching. (I kept at it while waiting for Xenarc support to open 45 mins late. :P )

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    I was looking for a pinout for my 705TSV so I could do some surgery on my cable to make it shorter. It has a 26-pin mini-D ribbon connector (not 20-pin like the others I found posted here). I haven't seen this posted yet so here is the drawing from Xenarc of what the pins correspond to for the 26-pin version of their cable harness. (Image quality scaled down to be hosted here)

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    Broken Touchscreen Overlay on Xenarc 700TSV

    God-of-CPU, you addressed this in an earlier posting, but you didn't have anything to "search" for. Thought I would help the next guy.

    Xenarc carries their touchscreen overlays and cables/board at the above website and you don't even have to talk to anyone. Was going to paint my console so I had to pull the monitor out. Cracked the far edge and most of the screen still worked, but why clean everything up just to put a cracked monitor in?

    Prices for the 5 wire touchscreen ( 700TSV ) is $65, 4 wire ( 705TSV ) is $45. They also have the "kit" if you want to replace your boards and cables. They are substantially more (double). Overnight shipping was another $40. So hopefully you don't have to fix it quickly.
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    Xenarc has changed the timing settings they list on their site for the 700 series. If you have an older monitor, you might want to try these old ones instead.

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    The ID code for the initial power up of the MDT-X7000 is 0000
    The parental control password for the xenarc MDT-X7000 is 3309

    if you lose the lose paper that comes in your manual your screwed as even the reset switch wont fix it your expected to know those =)

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    MDT-X7000 Presets

    To set the radio presets on the MDT-X7000, tune to the desired frequency, let it settle in for a second, and then touch the screen on the line that says "FM ST 9X.XX". It will highlight the whole line. Then touch the preset number you want to save it in.

    This info is not in the manual, go figure.

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    Lightbulb Xenarc 700IDT Connector

    Ok, so who was asleep at Xenarc when they decided to use this "Monstrous" connector that sticks 2 inches out the back of the monitor? Ever heard of a pigtail, Xenarc? </end_rant>

    I have a 2008 Trailblazer SS, which has a huge, unavoidable steel support exactly 7.5 inches back, and I saw people were dremeling out their cases and sliding the board forward to fit them in their dash, I did not care for that solution for it also did not fix my other problem, the 400' of cable Xenarc puts on the harness. (once again, what are you thinking? the next rev needs PIGTAILS!!!!!)
    Name:  dumbconnector.JPG
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Size:  31.9 KB

    Time to cut the cable and start soldering (Please note, it broke my heart to do this, I literally got this new in the mail the previous day, from of course, and I had only turned it on for testing)

    PLEASE NOTE: If your soldering skills are below a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being ultra talented) DO NOT DO THIS, get a geek buddy to help you, then when your monitor doesn't work after the mods, you have someone to blame/kill.

    First, (OPTIONAL) get a female VGA connector (my old dash monitor used a female) I cut a pigtail off a DELL PC adaptor I had, then disassembled the Xenarc, pulled the board, connected it to the harness, and pinned everything out to the board (USB, Vid1, Vid2, VGA) and wrote up a full diagram (horrible drawing included) I suggest you pin out your own config, incase something changes with the Xenarc design in the future.
    Name:  suckydrawing.JPG
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Size:  48.0 KB

    Now that I have a diagram I feel I can trust, I take my time and desolder the old 20 pin connector, even with the right tools, it still came off in chunks. clean up the connections with some flux and desolder wick so it looks factory again.
    Name:  cleanconn.jpg
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    Thread the VGA, USB, and Vid1/Vid2 pigtails through the connector hole in the chassis before you solder or you will be very, very angry with yourself!
    Do the VGA First, group all grounds together, solder them into a tinned lead, stick it in one of the old mounting holes and solder it solid, now, one by one, tin and insert/solder each of the r,g,b and sync wires. Now, group all the USB, Vid1, and Vid2 shields and do the same (tin together and solder solid to the other mounting hole) and carefully tin each lead, stick in it's new home and solder away. (I skipped the audio wire completely)
    Name:  allsoldered.jpg
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    Now. reassemble the chassis and test/pray. (Mine works perfectly and fits like a dream now) I'm sure you realize, YMMV.
    Name:  alldone-notie.JPG
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    Note: I added a tie wrap as a strain release after this picture.

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    Connector for VGA/USB

    Spent the better part of a day to locate the connector that plugs into the Xenarc Screens. After much reading the stories varied greatly but it turns out that this NOT a custom connector. It is a standard, though now more rare MDR connector.

    They are available Here for about 6.00$.
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    this has sort of been touched on here and there but i thought that i would post the official.

    here are the pinouts for the Xenarc 700IDT i hope someone else can figure out what they all mean.
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