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Thread: Dual Video Displayed

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    Getting Dual Video to Display

    I've 'd for a while; I've found no definite answers so far.

    My current setup has 3 screens, my vid card has a vga and an s-video out. They are hooked up in the obvious fashion. I have setup the screens to display everything except video properly through the cloning feature with n-view. The desktop and medicar display just fine. I can direct the video to either play on the vga screen or on the 2 headrest tv's but not all 3 at the same time via n-view as well. I also have ultramon but ...

    1) Ultramon does not recognize that there are 2 monitors connected when they use the s-video out on the vid-card is there any way to change that?

    2) Can using the motherboard and the vid card seperatly make this work, if so how? how can one trick the os to reconized both componets as seperate entities?

    3) I read somewhere that this is a directx software problem is this true?

    Maybe this can clear up some things for others as well.

    1997 Toyota 4Runner
    Hardware: Travela c138 | Epia 800mhz w/512 mb , 80gig | Slot loading dvd-cd/rw | Nvidia Geforce4 4000 128mb
    Software: Win 2000 Pro | Delou Routis 2004 | Mediacar
    Screens: DWW-7VGA | 2 5" Headrest TFT Screens
    PS: OPUS 90W

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    i believe you nned to tweek your video card to do that in the display settings tab. or at least thats how mine would let me do that.

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