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Thread: Power for the lilliput

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    Power for the lilliput

    When I was looking through this forum I noticed someone said that you could power the xenarc screens from one of the 12 volt wires comming out of the power supply for the computer itself. I have a lilliput what is the best way to power this screen (in a car) and if you say from the computer itself, exactly which wires do you hook it to. please be specific about the colors of wires. Also is there any drawbacks to doing it this way.
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    not sure yet.
    Yellow and black. Black is ground. Only drawback would be your power supply cant handle your computer and your screen so it shuts off or reboots.
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    Edit: Look on the back of your cd rom.
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    Spec for the Power input: DC 12V, Power consumption: 9W

    The PC power supply will have several device power connectors with a red, 2 black and a yellow wire.

    The blacks are both ground, the yellow is +12v and the red is +5 volt.

    The two you are intersted in are the Yellow and either one of the black wires.
    I do not have a Lilliput but I am using this method to power my 14 inch LCD.

    I made a connector from an old fan power molex connector (the plastic part) for my set up. This allows me to disconnect the LCD power from the PS if I need to.

    Hope this helps.
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